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Cow Coach is an independent consultancy for dairy farmers. We support you in getting the most out of your milking robot and dairy sensors. Cow Coach offers specific services to dairy farmers, suppliers, veterinarians and other dairy advisors.
Advisory services

Preparing for robotic milking

Are you thinking about switching to automatic milking? That means you will have to make important decisions which determine the future course of your farm. You need to be well-prepared.

This service consists of two 90 minute consultations in which the following is discussed:

Udder health visit

Is the bulk milk somatic cell count too high? Or do you need to treat too many mastitis cows with antibiotics? 

During the farm visit, the following aspects will be evaluated:

After the farm visit an action plan is drawn up with workable prevention & control measures. This can be done in consultation with the farm vet.

Benchmarking milking robot

The milking robot software contains an enormous amount of valuable data, which going much deeper than the average number of milkings or production per cow. But as a herd manager, you already have a lot on your mind. You may not always have the time or knowledge to analyze this data.

External advice from an independent party can help to generate new insights and combat "farm blindness".

Why use benchmarking for robotic milking?

Scientific support

Presentations & trainings

We love to share out knowledge! Cow Coach gives presentations, workshops and trainings on the topic of robotic milking, dairy sensors and dairy health. The intended audience are usually farmers, veterinarians, advisors and students.

You can also rely on Cow Coach for employee training.

Here you can find an overview of previous presentations. 

Project management

Cow Coach establishes partnerships with third parties (research institutes, suppliers, manufacturers, ...) in research and development projects relating to innovation in livestock farming. We have experience in writing and submitting project proposals, as well as managing projects at a local and European level.

Do you have a great idea, but don't know which funding programs are available? Get in touch with us.


Would you like to gain more insight into the needs & requirements of your customers? Are you planning to set up a scientific study on precision dairy farming? 

Cow Coach offers the following services in the context of research & product development:


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