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Automatic milking made easy
Cow Coach supports dairy farmers with automatic milking and sensor technologies to obtain a better animal health, welfare and return on investment. Healthy cows are the foundation of a profitable dairy farm.
What we do

Independent advice

Dairy farmers can turn to Cow Coach for independent advice on automatic milking & sensor technology. Cow Coach is not bound to specific products or manufacturers.

Personalized approach

Cow Coach is a young, dynamic consulting firm that always strives for a personal one-on-one relationship with its clients. Flexibility and quality are the main components.


We follow the PDCA-principle: plan, do, check, act. First, we establish a goal together with the farmer. Next, we take action, monitor the results and adjust when needed.

Scientific support

We aim to transfer the latest scientific insights to practice. Cow Coach focuses on demand-driven research and is actively involved in various projects.

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